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Promote the sea water utilization to make new breakthroughs
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In recent days, the stock market has been growing continuously, and many investors have removed the trap. Some people say that the financial crisis has finally passed and the economy has begun to recover. And when yesterday's reporters came to last year's heavily affected scavengers, they still heard complaints that business was difficult to do and that they could only support their families.

The 2014 national marine work conference recently held is a conference to fully implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the second and third plenary sessions of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the economic work conference of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. It is a re mobilization and re deployment of the comprehensive deepening reform of the marine system in the new situation. In his work report, director Liu Cigui clearly put forward the key tasks and work requirements of the national marine work in 2014, pointing out the direction for promoting the development of the marine industry and the construction of a powerful marine country.
In 2014, Tianjin desalination and Comprehensive Utilization Research Institute of the State Oceanic Administration will, in accordance with the strategic deployment of building a strong marine country, closely focus on the spirit of the national marine work conference, consolidate the foundation for development, enhance the capacity and achieve good results, and promote continuous breakthroughs in the cause of seawater utilization, focusing on the following nine aspects:
First, lay a solid foundation for scientific research and continuously improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation. Carry out the discussion on the development strategy of seawater utilization, formulate the medium-term and long-term development plan of desalination Institute for 5-10 years, promote the integration of seawater utilization into the national "13th five year" science and technology development plan and the National Marine Science and technology development strategic plan, plan the major special projects of regional innovation and demonstration of marine economy, as well as the national, provincial and ministerial science and technology projects, such as the "863" plan, marine public welfare, science and technology to revitalize the sea, and fully We will give full play to the role of alternative databases for scientific research projects of the Institute, do a good job in the management of research projects, and promote the construction of national and local joint engineering laboratories for desalination technology.
Second, we will build quality projects and vigorously promote the transformation of technological achievements. We will make every effort to implement the general contracting project of Gulei 100000 ton / day reverse osmosis desalination project to ensure that the project will become a landmark project of China's independent technology for desalination. We will increase efforts in technology development and promotion, expand the application space of seawater circulating cooling agents, and develop new technologies for comprehensive utilization of high salt wastewater and waste materials. We will strive to expand overseas markets and participate in contracting overseas seawater utilization projects.

Third, strengthen strategic research and continuously improve the level of business support. We will carry out policy research on the development of independent seawater utilization technology industry, the scientific use of the sea, the entry of desalinated water into the municipal pipe network and the risk assessment of marine disasters, carry out research on the development strategy of seawater utilization and the assessment model of seawater desalination technology potential during the 13th five year plan, and carry out the planning and construction of the comprehensive demonstration base for the protection and utilization of water resources on national islands.
Fourth, we should pay close attention to quality management and constantly improve the quality assurance system. Strive to undertake the task of national supervision and spot check on the quality of seawater and brackish water utilization membrane products in 2014, fully perform the responsibilities of quality inspection center; implement the supervision and control effectiveness of quality management system in scientific research, development and management; strengthen the construction of seawater utilization standardization system, and complete the establishment and operation of the sub Technical Committee for desalination and comprehensive utilization.
Fifth, deepen cooperation and exchanges, and gradually enhance international voice and influence. We will promote the construction of the Secretariat of the Asia Pacific Desalination Association, continue to hold workshops on desalination and comprehensive utilization in developing countries, and actively contact overseas partners to meet the needs of seawater utilization and apply for international cooperation projects.
Sixthly, we will increase infrastructure and enhance the ability to guarantee scientific research in an all-round way. Accelerate the construction of the center's experimental building, do a good job in the operation of the national seawater utilization engineering and technology research center, track the approval progress of China Seawater Utilization Association, and do a good job in the implementation and application of repair and purchase projects.
Seventh, improve the talent mechanism and further promote the construction of talent team. We will work out plans for the development of talent teams, strengthen the training and team building of scientific and technological backbones, explore new mechanisms for cadre training and management, establish and improve systems for assessment, evaluation and motivation, and strengthen cooperation with well-known universities.
Eighth, deepen the system construction and vigorously improve the management and service level. We will deepen system formulation and revision, standardize procedures, improve efficiency, standardize and strengthen financial management, and increase the rate of budget implementation.
The ninth is to strengthen the work of Party building and consolidate the achievements of educational practice. In depth study and implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, do a solid job in summing up the educational practice activities; strengthen the education of Party members, give full play to the role of grass-roots party organizations and Party members' cohesion, strengthen the foundation and consolidate the foundation; strengthen the construction of grass-roots party organizations, improve the capacity of Party branch construction; do a good job in the implementation of the responsibility system and the code of clean government construction.
New starting point brings new mission and new challenge will bring new development. The desalination Institute will lay a solid foundation for development, improve its capacity and achieve good results, and promote the continuous breakthroughs in the cause of seawater utilization.